The Print is the Institutional Program for Internationalization of Capes, which aims to “promote the construction, implementation and consolidation of strategic plans for internationalization of the institutions contemplated in the areas of knowledge for them prioritized; Stimulate the formation of networks of international research in order to improve the quality of academic production related to graduate; Expand actions to support internationalization in graduate of covered institutions; Promoting mobility of teachers and students, with an emphasis on doctoral students, post-doctoral students and teachers abroad and from abroad to Brazil, linked to strict sense graduate programs with international cooperation; Promote the transformation of the institutions involved in an international environment;

The eligible items for print are:

  • Aid to Work Missions abroad;
  • Resources for Project Maintenance;
  • Scholarships Abroad:
  1. Ph.D. sandwich;
  2. Visiting Professor Junior (former postdoctoral with employment);
  3. Senior Visiting Professor (former senior internship abroad);
  4. Training in short courses or “summer / winter schools”.
  • Scholarships in Country:
  1. Young Talent;
  2. Visiting Professor;
  3. Post doctoral.

The announcements relating to print, published by Capes can be accessed here . (Source: Capes Print )


Project advances can be accessed here.

Internationalization Program of the UFF.



  • 7 de novembro de 2019 – Workshop  PRINT/CAPES – Trabalho, Educação e Saúde. Sala 407. 10 às 18.30 horas.
  • 14 de novembro de 2019 – Miguel Lacabana  – Universidad Nacional de Quilmes – título a definir. Sala 407. 14 horas.
  • 28 de novembro de 2019 – Workshop  PRINT/CAPES. Sala 407. 10 às 18.30 horas



UNS Summer School


The Economic Department is now organizing the International Summer School 2020, a 10 days programme from March 4 – 14, 2020 in Bahía Blanca City, Argentina.

This programme offers your students a once in a lifetime experience and is interesting for students who want to learn more about different social and economic topics. It is academically suitable for students at the graduate and undergraduate level. Taught in English and Spanish, the courses give participants an insight into Latin America’s and Argentine’s economic, social and political situation. It includes a lecture in English by highly qualified faculty which offers a comprehensive insight into the problem and illustrates ways for future potential development combined with a range of cultural and company visi

A short preview of the Programme :




El Derecho a la ciudad hoy, desde lo local y lo global

A user-friendly introduction to linear regression with R for business

Juventudes y Dictadura: prácticas de sociabilidad y resistencia en Argentina (1976-1983)

Business Models for leading strategic innovation: Argentina and Latin America

Economía y Gestión del Deporte: Argentina en contexto internacional

Innovation and  Management in Tourism

Energías renovables y eficiencia energética: Argentina y el panorama energético mundial

Social Networks

Regímenes de acumulación en la Argentina: economía, Estado y conflictos sociales


  • Classes are taught in Spanish or English as indicated in each course.
  • Each course consists of 20 hs. Contact plus 20/30 hs. Personal work and activities which correspond to about 2 ECTS. Detailed course descriptions are available on our website in order to facilitate credit transfer to the home institution.
  • Students can choose one course (part-time morning or afternoon) or two courses (full day)
  • No prior knowledge of Spanish nor a certain GPA or TOEFL/IELTS score are required.
  • Access to all services and offers of the university.

                                         A certificate will be awarded upon completion.



It is now time to apply for the Summer School!

(please see the attached brochures in English and Spanish)

Application requirements:

  • Undergraduate level programme: completion of at least one year of undergraduate level classes.
  • The cost for each course is 300 US$ for one course, and 450 US$ for the two courses option.


Course Fee includes:  

•           Tuition fees

•           Course materials and services

•           Hospitality package (Home stays with local students, coffee break and lunch in campus)

•           Company and/or cultural visits


Enrollment deadline for the Programme: February 03 , 2020


Let us know if you have any questions or need any specific information about the Summer School; we will be delighted to discuss with you and any potential participants. 

For more information, questions, and enrollment process about the Summer School, please do not hesitate to email us at

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